This is us

We really believe in having values to work by and to stand by. These are what actually represent how we try to work on a daily basis and help us identify what’s right and what feels wrong. And it’s that instinctive sense of what’s right and wrong that guides us far more than words on a page. But when we do sum those values up in words, they’re something like this:

Do the right thing

We believe in responsible sourcing; it’s vital for us to develop great, competitive products but never if this means endangering or adversely affecting the environment or indigenous people.

Be open-minded

We believe in being pro-active; we don’t just wait for great products to come to us, we actively develop out new solutions for conditions that affect people’s lives and well-being

Stay agile

We believe in working in an agile and lean manner, using our size to our advantage to work quickly and flexibly to the benefit of our customers and partners


With a sound base of long-established and strong customer relations, we are also able to focus our attention on eveloping new products for our existing customers and indeed with our sister company Tricolor Pharma we are doing just that with new products in new segments.


At present Pharmacure is focusing on developing new products for enhancing nasal comfort. Increasingly input from our customer base has indicated growing demand for new products in various segments of this market.

While with our sister company Tricolor Pharma we are exploring medical devices, cosmetics and food supplements addressing, for example, joint health and dry mouths as well as developing scar gels, cosmetics, special vitamins and more. Our strong relations with several partners give us the confidence to explore and develop these areas.

Where we are

We have a presence in the Benelux countries, Germany, France, UK, Poland, Italy, Portugal, Hungary, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Bulgaria, Romania, Serbia, Greece, Turkey, Ukraine, Kazakhstan, Jordan, Canada, USA, Mexico, Syria, UAE, Saudi Arabia, Algeria, South Africa, Japan, Singapore, Thailand, Malaysia, Philippines, Vietnam, Indonesia, Australia and New Zealand. Note: we do not necessarily promote all our products in every market.