The Nose Expert

Pharmacure Health Care International AB are the Nose Experts. We develop, market and distribute pharmaceuticals and medical devices designed to enhance nasal health and comfort.

70% of the bacteria entering the body do so via the nose. Nasal health plays a vital role in protecting us and at Pharmacure we work hard to ensure the nose can function effectively, as it should do, at all times. With a range of products we support optimal nasal hygiene, promote healthy breathing through the nose and we treat nosebleeds.

Our products are safe, effective and easy to self-administer. That’s because we know noses and everything we develop is good for noses. That’s our mission.

Nozoil. No more itchy nose!

Nozoil is a natural, sesame oil-based spray that lubricates and soothes the nasal passages, eliminating itchiness and helping support your body’s natural defences against flu.

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When your nose feels
good, you feel better!

Your nasal health plays a vital
role in protecting you.

How to make your nose feel better

Stops nosebleeds in moments!

Nozohaem® is a unique, gel treatment for nosebleeds that stops the bleeding in moments.

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For a good night’s sleep.

Breathe easier, snore less. Nozovent opens constricted airways for unobstructed breathing to reduce snoring.

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Clears the nose, helps the breathing.

Nozaline rinses and clears the nasal passages.

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Make friends with your nose.

Biogent is a gentle, soothing cream that protects sore skin.

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